Thank you to Swils of Noise to take the time to wite about the preliminary versions of “Reborn”. Take a moment to visit this blog 🙂

swirls of noise

WitchCo is a Mexican three piece, playing a very melodic brand of female fronted rock with a strong melodic sense, taking inspiration from artists such as The Gathering, Kari Rueslatten, Porcupine Tree and Anathema. With such an excellent array of influences, their new EP entitled “Reborn” is an excellent listen, and it’s a unique on at that, they don’t simply copy their idols, but create their own sound.

Taking cues from ambient, rock and trip hop, WitchCo have great song writing, and use it to weave an excellent, relaxed and upbeat atmosphere.  Frontwoman and guitarist Karen Ceja has a lovely voice, singing on the first two tracks in Spanish, bearing a similarity to former vocalist and founding member Marcela Bovio, the current singer of Stream of Passion, while singing in English on the final track Horizons. Her voice is soft and lovely, and she has an excellent range, sounding dreamy…

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